Wild Woman Retreats are a Must

Empowering. Invigorating. Inspiring. Wild Woman Retreats are a must attend to release singularity and come together as the Sisterhood did many eons ago.

Whitney Salvador

New Experiences & Wisdoms

I was grateful to be able to gather with women and hear their stories. In some ways I heard my own journey echo in their words; in others I gained new experiences and wisdoms. I was truly honored to share space with these women, each honoring each other's space and journey.

I deeply enjoyed the ability to express myself unfiltered, divine my boundaries and ridged places, and laugh. I also deeply enjoyed the practical take-home lessons these women offered: home remedies, books to read, journaling, tarot card talk, & self-contemplation. I think the most valuable thing I took home was a profound understanding on how to better honor myself & contently make space for myself as well, without guilt.

Sabrina Huerth
Massage Therapist, Permaculture Designer, & Author

Thank You!

Next time I'd bring my daughter. Lovely day that I'd love to share. Thank you!

Margie Hartley

A Wonderful Gathering of Spiritual Women

Wild Woman Retreat is a wonderful gathering of spiritual women that allows one to experience community, connection, and a chance to recharge ones inner batteries.

Not Your Average Getaway

This integrative, inspiring Wild Woman Retreat is not your average getaway. The union that is embodied during these gatherings is a sweet soul nurturing that so many of us woman yearn for. Often times we (as nurturers ourselves), fall into a pattern of self-neglect because our hearts are so full of love and a desire to tend to the needs of others. We become spread thin and weary, forgetting that the most empowering love is the love of Self. At the Wild Woman Retreat, we can rest comfortably for a short time in the affectionate company of our sister tribe, reminding each other that we alone are enough and so worthy of our attention.

When I arrived at the first retreat I was relieved to be holding space in an environment where my heart could find solace from the busy pace of society. Sometimes it can be difficult to create an at-home practice of checking in with ourselves, and attending these retreats is an intimate way of strengthening that desire and muscle and bringing home some activation in our spirits. This immediately ripples out into our lives and the lives of our loved ones when we choose to honor ourselves. I left the retreat with new sisters, more confidence, a rejuvenated temple, and some juicy information on how to dive ever deeper into my own divinity. I highly recommend joining as we gather again and create sanctuary among us! I look forward to communing with this tribe of wise, wild, and raw women and am so grateful for the experiences I have had with them!

What Every Wild Woman Needs

Everything was perfect. Extremely grateful for this moment with beautiful sisters. Amazing fellowship, healing circles, and pure gratitude. Thank you for the sanctuary and sacred space. This retreat is what every wild woman needs! My heart is grateful and my soul is nourished by Mother Sea.

Brenda Cave
Domestic Goddess